About Us

Who we are and what we stand for

We are the Hiking Organisation of Southern Africa HOSA

We are an NPO Article 21 organisation and we stand for everything to do with hiking. We represent hikers, individuals or clubs, hiking trail owners and the people who work in the industry. We offer training courses for hike leaders, trail planning and development and maintenance


To create a vibrant and sustainable yet lucrative hiking industry for the benefit of all in Southern Africa


To provide and organise hiking trail know-how in order to build successful organisations and business enterprises; in all sectors of the hiking industry; in all areas of Southern Africa; and amongst all population groups.


  • The Organisation’s main objective is to serve as umbrella body for all interested and involved in the hiking industry.
  • To assist all who manage the interests of all owners or managing authorities (hereafter referred to as owners) of nature trails in the SADC Region.
  • To assist existing hiking clubs and hikers in forming a unified body representing hikers in the country.
  • To serve as link and forum for discourse between the organised trail-users.
  • Using research to develop joint strategies for matters such as the establishment of standards, application of quality management (accreditation, auditing), market research and the implementation of these by means of joint marketing (locally and overseas).
  • To obtain representation on committees and boards that have been established by the Government, Provincial, regional, local authorities and other organisations and which could influence the hiking industry; and in cases where such representation is not possible, to provide these authorities with information towards decision making to benefit the hiking industry as a whole.
  • To serve as a one-stop point of service and liaison for hiking trail owners, public authorities and decision makers, where advice is available regarding all aspects of the hiking and nature trail industry.
  • To set standards and provide info for the building and maintenance of hiking trails.
  • Assist where ever possible to help with the creation of working opportunities and jobs.