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2016/05/29Watervalhut by Magoebaskloof word deur Ndaba voetslaanklub reggemaak.VoetslaanMagalies/Ndaba
2016/05/14Goldengate - Nuwe en opgedateerde roetes.VOSA / Beeld
2015/08/28Greenflag had release a new summary of it's benifits and working.Greenflag.
2015/08/19Knysna forest trails receive Green Flag statusSANParks.
2015/06/09Magaliesberg Biosphere ReserveDep. of Enviromental Affairs.
2015/05/26Voetslaan Magalies : Andries Oosthuizen word Erelid. 2015/05......
2015/05/19Khomas Hoogland Hiking Trail- KHHT (Namibia) trail report......
2015/05/15Rapids Trail near Dullstroon/Belfast re-open. 2015/05.....
2015/02/19Khomas Hoogland Hiking Trail- KHHT (Namibia).....
2015/02/19Local Ranger (Victor Cunningham) Takes Hiking to New Heights.....

Watervalhut by Magoebaskloof word deur Ndaba voetslaanklub reggemaak..
Voor die Tyd ............. Klaar

Een van ons
Magalies Voetslaan se klubs, Ndaba, het op hulle Jaarvergadering besluit dat hulle so graag vir altyd wil stap, dat hulle bereid was om van hulle eie fondse & mannekrag in te span hierdie jaar, en om daadwerklik onderhoud aan hulle gekose roete te doen.
Die roete was die Magoebaskloof roete en die projek die Waterval hut. Die naweek van die 28ste Mei was hulle daar.
Hulle het baie hard gewerk en die hut baie netjies herstel. Tot ons almal se plesier en voordeel voortaan.
Hierdie aksie, wat baie harde werk en reelings voorafgegaan het, het ook die positiewe gevolg gehad, dat Komatie, wat eintlik vir die roete se onderhoud verantwoordelik is, self toe geinspireer was om te begin.

Welgedaan Ndaba!!!
Sien gerus ook Ndaba se webtuiste

Fotos: Ansa en Andries O van Ndaba voetslaanklub. 2016/05/31 MS.
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Goldengate kry nuwe staproetes en oues word opgedateer.
New and updated routes in Goldengate.

Bekendstelling van die nuwe Golden Gate roete.
SANParke het n nuwe roete bekend gestel by Golden Gate Nasionale Park. Die roete is 'n twee dag oornagroete vanaf 'n basiskamp.
Uitleg: Die roete is uitgele deur die manjifieke klowe en berge in die Golden Gate Park. Dit neem jou deur klowe wat nog selde deur mense gesien is. Hierdie is reggekry deur die bou van bruggies en paadjies oor soms onbegaanbare terrein!
Wanneer die roete finaal deur SANParke oopgestel word sal dit sonder twyfel baie gewild wees en sal dit veral gesog wees vir stappers van Johannesburg en Pretoria omgewing omdat dit so bereikbaar is.
Baie geluk aan SANParke, die SANParke Ere-Veldwagters van KZN en Vrystaat en n besondere woord van geluk aan Albert Bossert een van ons lede en Ere-Lid van VOSA wat die roete gebou het.
Kontak SANParke om die roete te bespreek.
Lees gerus die
Artikel in Beeld van 2016/05/14 vir meer inligting.

Teks:WilnaLF, Artikel Beeld. Updated 2016/05/31 MS.
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Greenflag had release a new summary of it's benifits and working.
Everybody has heard about BLUE FLAG.
Have you heard about GREEN FLAG?
Read these to find out more about what Green Flag is...

Click here to Download the FULL 6 pages (946k)

See also the Greenflag website.www.greenflagtrails.org

Pamplet supplied by Leon Hugo. Greenflag. Updated 2015/08/28 MS.
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Knysna forest trails receive Green Flag status by Nandi Mgwadlamba

Two hiking trails in the Knysna forest, also part of the Garden Route National Park (GRNP) recently receive Green Flag status. Perdekop and Olifants hiking trails were accredited by the Hiking Organisation of Southern Africa (HOAS) on 14 May 2015.

This is a global benchmark for hiking traisl and includes the following criteria: Conservation status; health and safety measures; cleanliness and maintenance; sustainability; managment and other.

The GRNP is an open access park spanning over 155 000 hectares from Wilderness to Tsitsikama. Area Manager for Knysna, Johan de Klerk has received news of the accreditation with excitement. "This is great for the park and also for Knysna. The well-being of all societies depends on healthy ecosystems. Protected areas can conserve healthy ecosystems and improve our health and well-being"

Victor Cunningham, a SANParks ranger, who is based in the Tsistikama section of the GRNP was recently chosen as the Regional Chairperson of HOSA. This is a newly established body including most landowners with hikes in the area, including SANParks, Cape Pine, Cape Nature and others.

Cunningham says his duties will include "assisting in the development of existing trails to reach globaly acceptable Green Flag standars and objectives". He will also advise trail owners how to become involved in HOSA activities.

De Klerk is also enthusiatic about Hilton Wildeman and Shandro Jordaan from Knysna section who have been trained to manage trails. "

Bron: Artikel "Knysna forest trails receive Green Flag status by Nandi Mgwadlamba" in "Go Wild" (South African National Parks) May/June 2015, bladsy 21,ingestuur deur WLF (2015/08/18). Verwerk deur MS.
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Short News . Kortnuus
  • Greenflag
    • Windy brow (near Cullinan) and Silver Falls (near Middelburg) was audited.
    • The Otter African Trail Run Organisers also support now the Greenflag system.
  • New Hiking trails: The new hiking maps for the new Khomas Hochland hiking trails (near Windhoek, Namibia) is nearly finilized.)
Added 2015/08/14, supplied by LH & AB
Short News . Kortnuus
  • a New Outdoor warehouse had open in May 2015 at Woodlands Boulevard (http://www.woodlandsboulevard.co.za) in Pretoria East. You now have the choice there of a Voetspore 4x4 Megaworld (012 940 8999), Outdoor Warehouse (012 997 2370) , Due South (012 997 9740) and a Cape Union Mart(012 997 6960). A one-stop-mall for hikers.

Added 2015/07, supplied by MS)


The United National Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) on 9 June 2015 approved the designation of the Magaliesberg and Gouritz Cluster ecosystems as Biosphere Reserves.

The two biosphere reserves add to the existing portfolio of six biosphere reserves in South Africa, bringing these important protected ecosystems to eight. The designation of the Biosphere Reserves was approved at the the 27th Session of the Unesco Man and Biosphere (MAB) International Coordinating Council in Paris, France. The Council is being held from 8 to 12 June 2015.

The South African delegation is being led by the Acting Deputy Director General for Biodiversity and Conservation in the Department of Environmental Affairs, Ms Skumsa Mancotywa, who is supported by the Heads of Departments for Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ms Thandeka Mbassa and North West Department of Rural, Environment and Agricultural Development, Dr Poncho Mokaila.
Launched in 1970 by the Unesco General Conference, the Intergovernmental Man and Biosphere Programme aims to improve human environments and preserve natural ecosystems. The Programme promotes research and capacity building with the main objective of reducing the loss of biodiversity and addressing the ecological, social and economic aspects. The Unesco network of biosphere reserves connects people around the world who are pioneering a positive future for people and nature.
Biosphere reserves are sites of terrestrial and marine ecosystems designated under the Unesco MAB Programme, where people share a sustainable way of living with nature and innovative practices are tested in co-operation with local inhabitants with the aim of reconciling conservation of biodiversity with sustainable utilisation. The zone includes strictly protected areas at the core, which are typically surrounded by buffer zones where conservation is emphasised, but where people also live and work. The whole area is surrounded by a transition area, or area of co-operation, which promotes sustainable development. These are therefore much more than 'protected areas' and form an integral part of an integrated regional planning and development strategy aimed at promoting conservation and sustainable development whilst providing facilities for education, awareness and training.
Existing Biosphere Reserves in South Africa are:
a) Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve (Western Cape Province, designated 1998)
b) Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve (Western Cape Province, designated 2000)
c) Waterberg Biosphere Reserve (Limpopo Province, designated 2001)
d) Kruger-to-Canyons Biosphere Reserve (Limpopo Province and Mpumalanga, designated 2001)
e) Cape Winelands Biosphere Reserve (Western Cape Province, designated 2007)
f) Vhembe Biosphere Reserve (Limpopo Province, designated May 2009).

One of the newly designated sites, the Magaliesberg Biosphere Reserve, adds numerous important aspects to achieve the goal of sustainable development through conservation. The site straddles the Gauteng and North West provinces and falls within the Bushveld Bakenveld terrestrial priority area, which has been identified as a priority area for conservation action. The site is at the interface of two great African biomes, namely, the Central Grassland Plateaux and the sub-Saharan savannah with the remnants of a third biome, the Afro-montane forest.

The Magaliesberg Reserve covers approximately 360 000 ha and is located between the Pretoria and Johannesburg in the east and Rustenburg in the west, with approximately 262 000 people living within the designated area. In addition, the area is endowed with scenic beauty, unique natural features, rich cultural heritage value. It is also of high archaeological interest as it includes the Cradle of Humankind, which is part of the Fossil Hominid Sites of South Africa World Heritage site with 4 million years of history. The area contains rich floral biodiversity, a number of faunal species, and over 45% of the total bird species of Southern Africa. The second newly designated Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve area covers an area of more than three million hectares and straddles the Eastern and Western Cape Provinces. The area is globally unique as it is the only area in the world where three recognised biodiversity hotspots -- the Fynbos, Succulent Karoo and Maputoland-Tongoland-Albany hotspots -- converge. The entire biosphere domain falls within the Cape Floristic Kingdom which is the smallest, but one of the richest of the six floral kingdoms in the world, and the only one found entirely within the boundaries of one country. This Reserve is home to high levels of endemic plant species, threatened invertebrates and butterfly species. It provides a migratory route for large mammals and serves as a nursery for marine species. Due to its immense historical significance, the biosphere reserve includes three components of the internationally renowned Cape Floral Region Protected Areas World Heritage Site. The Minister of Environmental Affairs, Ms Edna Molewa shares the excitement of the inclusion of the two biosphere reserves on the world network of biosphere reserves.
South Africa is proud about the additional sites that have just been listed and the government, as the designation of these areas, supports national efforts of expansion of the conservation estate in addition to supporting the achievement of government's development objectives, said Minister Molewa.
The Minister indicated that the implementation of the Magaliesberg Biosphere Reserve management plan will create a number of alternative community opportunities in partnership with the private sector and mitigate negative industrial impacts in pursuit of sustainable tourism and cultural heritage development.
The Minister also indicated that the designation of the Gouritz Cluster Biosphere Reserve, which is South Africa's biggest biosphere reserve, will enhance South Africa's status as the third most biodiverse country in the world and enhance our effort to conserve the world renowned Cape Floral region.
Furthermore, this designation complements government's other efforts to expand the Cape Floristic Region World Heritage Site, to be considered later this month by the 39th Session of the World Heritage Committee in Germany.
The government will continue to manage its growing portfolio of biosphere reserves in collaboration with land owners, communities and other partners to ensure that we meet Unesco standards and our own national goals of sustainable development, the Minister added.
For media inquiries contact Albi Modise on 083 490 2871 , ISSUED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL AFFAIRS ON 09June 2015

Sien ook dokument deur
Vincent Carruthers deur die' PDF af te laai.

Inligting 2015/06/09 via Voetslaan Magalies , via John Wesson van WESSA WESSA (the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa) . John is ook Birdlife Harties se Voorsitter.

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Voetslaan Magalies : Andries Oosthuizen word Erelid. 2015/05

By Voetslaan Magalies is die belangrikste kriteria om 'n Erelid te word volgens die Grondwet:
(c) Die persoon het 'n uitsonderlike diens aan Magalies gelewer ter bevordering van Magalies se doelstellings.
(d) Die persoon se lidmaatskap is 'n aanwins vir Magalies.

En Andries Oosthuizen het meer as te veel hieraan voldoen vir al die volgende redes:
-Begin stap in 1970 in die Drakensberge, hy stap dus al vir 45 jaar
-1970 tot 1995 privaat gestap, geen klub nie.
-Lid by Voetslaan Magalies sedert 1997,18 jaar, waaronder ongeveer 10 jaar as voorsitter.
-Sedert 1995 by Ndaba voetslaanklub, dus al 20 jaar en voorsitter sedert 1997.

-Hy het die eerste gedeelte van Fanie Botha (Ceylon tot Mac Mac) gestap voor die opening in 1973, paar aanbevelings gemaak en Fanie Botha was regtig die groot begin van voetslaan in SA en hy was betrokke.
Outeniqua en Soutpans het feitlik onmiddelik daarna begin en Fanie Botha het verder gegaan tot by Gods Window.
-Plaasboere kontak hom dikwels oor raad met roete uitleg, die hutte en natuurlik koste en ook hoeveel hulle kan vra, bv. Wathaba.
-Roete eienaars bv. Skeepswrak en Strandloper kontak hom vir opinie en raad wanneer hulle besluite oor hulle roetes moet neem.
-Bekendstelling en advertensie van roetes. Dit doen hy baie en mense gaan stap dit wat hy aanbeveel.
-Hulp aan nuwe stappers en hulle touwys maak.
-Hulp aan stappers by moeilike plekke.
-Wildernis stapleier
-Ontwikkel, bevorder en hou Magalies se webwerf in stand
-GPS stap en nuwes roetes uitwerk, kaart stuur vir roete eienaar agterna ; onlangs bv. Koranna.

Inligting 2015/05 verkry vanaf Voetslaan Magalies. Opgedateer 2015/05/28.
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Khomas Hochland Hiking Trail opening and report.

The Khomas Hochland Hiking Trail in Namibia was open on 26 April 2015. a Few hikers had walk the new trail build by Albert Bossert of Boskamp roetes.

The hiking trail covers a distance of 89 km (15+8+21+16+15+14km), over 6 days, through the most interesting and beautiful part of the Khomas Hochland. It crosses 5 farms -Düsternbrook, Otjiseva, Onduno, Godeis and Monte Christo.
We are sure it will attract hikers interested in geology, bird-watching, trees, plants, animals, especially reptiles, archaeology and those who just love a hike through mostly unspoiled nature, in dry river beds over the rolling hills of the Khomas Hoogland.
On our hike we were greatly supported by the owners of the farms, who, together with their helpers, walked with us and added new trail markers where necessary, cleaned the route, improved the safety and placed interesting and funny markers of which some are mentioned in this report.
The route is now well-marked and should cause no problems to hiking groups. The overnight places are well designed, catering for all hikers needs - which includes hot showers (solar heated or using a 'donkey'), clean toilets, braai facilities and a covered sleeping area, with mattresses. Lots of big trees provide ample resting spots along the route. Scenery is special. All kinds of game 'oryx, kudu, warthogs, zebra, waterbuck, baboons, klipspringer, etc is in abundance. You might even see a leopard or two. Bird life along the Aretaragas and Otjiseva rivers and at dams are almost unbelievable plentiful- from eagles to water birds and lots of others. Fences are crossed with ingenious steps using old car tyres.
The option of slack-packing was discussed and might be implemented as well as the possibility of providing fresh bread and meat. This would make the trail accessible to those who are not able to carry a heavy backpack all the way.

Bookings can be made by Duesternbrook Safari Guest Farm, Phone: 00264-61 232572.
Please open the
link for the detail trail report. in PDF format(52K).

Fotos deur Albert Bossert, bygevoeg 2015/05/15 MST, Terugvoer bygevoeg 2015/05/20 MST
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Rapids Trail near Dullstroon/Belfast re-open. 2015/05

The old Rapids hiking trail was re-opened in May 2015. It is a two day basecamp trail. Day one is about 10km and day two about 6km.
Hikers will sleep in a new Tentcamp with space for 12 persons. To be completed in July/July 2015. Until then, hikers will stays in a chalet.
Current planned cost is R150 pppn.
Bookings can be made by Jacana Travel Marketing and Reservations, Telephone 0861 522262, Website www.jacanacollection.co.za.

Please open the
information sheet for more detail on the trail.
Information supplied by Jacana 15/05/2015, added to Web 2015/05/20 MST
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Khomas Hoogland Hiking Trail- KHHT (Namibia)

Khomas Hoogland Hiking Trail- KHHT (Namibia) - Attend the opening - 27 April to 2 May 2015

Albert Bossert is tans besig om n RSA opening van die bostaande 6 dag, 90km voetslaan roete net buite Windhoek te reel. Dit behels gratis vervoer, in n bussie, (deur Botswana), verblyf en alle voedsel (op KHHT) vir die tydperk 27 April tot 2 Mei 2015.Begin ry 25 April en terug op 4 May 2015. Stappers sorg vir eie slaapsak, drinkgoed en kos tydens rit.

Klubs wat VOSA lede is, word gevra om twee stappers af te vaardig vir die besonderse geleentheid. Antwoord asb dringend.

Albert Bossert is at the present moment busy organising the RSA opening of the above trail of 6 days and 90km, just outside Windhoek. It will involve free transport in a kombi bus (through Botswana), accommodation and food on the trail from 27th April to 2nd May 2015. Start travelling on 25th April and back on 4th May 2015. Hikers need only provide own sleeping bag, drinks and food for the trip.

Clubs who are members of HOSA are invited to nominate two members to participate in this exceptional opportunity.

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Local Ranger (Victor Cunningham) Takes Hiking to New Heights

> Victor Cunningham with his accolades at the recently held Kudu Awards in Johannesburg.

A local ranger with a passion for the outdoors and hiking, has walked away with various awards for his hard work and for taking hiking trails to new heights.

Victor Cunningham, a ranger at the Tsitsikamma section of the Garden Route National Park (GRPN), triumphed as the winner in the Chief Executive Awards - which forms part of the National Kudu Awards - for developing a strategy on how to manage hiking trails in the area.

The Hiking Organisation of Southern Africa (HOSA) also commended Cunningham for his enthusiasm and active involvement in maintaining the standards of trail in Tsitsikamma.

Under his watchful eye, 12 trails were awarded Green Flag status. This pushes the number of Green Flag status trail to a whopping 14.
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